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Dues Assessment

  1. Effective January 1, 2021, the annual dues assessment is $200 per annum per tract.
  2. Dues assessment notices are typical sent to Homeowners the end of February of each calendar year. Payment is due to the Michigan Hills Owners Association (MHOA) by April 15th of each year. If a property owner does not receive notice, they are asked to contact one of the Board Members, as posted on the MHOA website, to verify that MHOA records have a current mailing address. It is the responsibility of each Property owner to update the Board on changes in mailing address when it occurs. All dues are payable to:

    MHOA - Treasurer
    PO Box 65
    Como, CO 80432
  3. It is important to stay current on dues. According to the MHOA Bylaws, owners who are in default may not vote, or use common areas or common area facilities (water pump, the septic dump, burn pit, fishing pond, etc.) until dues are current. Dues provide the revenues to maintain these and other areas for all members.


  1. Reminder letters will be sent out in May of each year to owners who have not paid their dues by April 15th. A monthly late fee of $3.00 will be added to the dues amount owed beginning April 16th and continuing each month until the dues are paid.

  2. After 60 days (June 15th) a certified letter with return receipt will be sent to the owner’s address stating the amount due including late fees.

  3. If the dues and late fees have not been paid within six months (October 15th), a certified letter with return receipt will be mailed to the owner’s address stating that a lien will be filed against the subject property. At that time, all dues, late fees, mailing charges, filing fees and legal fees, if necessary, will be the responsibility of the owner.

  4. In one year, if dues are still not paid, a certified letter with return receipt will be sent to the owners address, inviting the owner to meet with the Board to arrange a payment plan. If legal services are required, the owner will be notified that legal action is pending.

  5. If an owner continues to be delinquent with dues payments for a period of two (2) years, and no payment plan has been achieved, the Board of Directors shall inform the owner of their right to a “public hearing” before sending the subject property to collection.

  6. If there is no resolve from the public hearing, the subject property will be sent to collection.

Liens affect any property transfer of ownership. In the event that a property transfers title without going through a Title Company, the new owner becomes liable for the unpaid dues.

A Release of Lien is filed upon payment in full of the dues obligation, including all recording fees and penalty fees.

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